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  • Does my employer have access to my user data held within
    Absolutely not. We share themes, registered numbers, attendance numbers but nothing that can uniquely identify you as an individual.
  • How can I join my company group forum?
    You just need to go into your profile and make it public and then pop a request through to and we'll get you added in. A public profile is only seen in group spaces, for example if you comment in a community group discussion (e.g. your private company forum). Other users will see your username and any badges you've been awarded.
  • Why can't I access the 'Tailored plan' page in the member area with my company subscription?
    This service is currently only available to all users, it depends on your subscription package. If you think you should have access but can't get it working, drop us a line at
  • Why can't I get access to all of the member pages?
    The access you have depends on your subscription. If you subscribe directly to one of our monthly plans, there's a reminder of what's included on Our services page. If you have been given access via one of our instructors, then the free access you get as part of their service is dependent on our agreement with them. If you want access to other areas of the site you are welcome to subscribe directly via Our services page. If you think you should have access to something but can't get it working, drop us a line at
  • How can I join my instructor's group forum?
    If you have joined with an instructor but can't see your instructor's group forum in the Community Groups page then drop us a line at and let us know the name of your instructor so we can assist you further.
  • Do I need equipment?
    No, most of the classes are equipment free (or equipment optional) and if they aren't, that information will be clear by the class name or written in the description. We do recommend that you treat yourself to a non slip exercise mat but it's not essential. If you want to add in some weight without splashing out, then why not improvise with books or water bottles (you could even fill a plastic bottle with stones if you want extra weight!).
  • How can I join the GetMeFit team?
    If you're an instructor or wellbeing expert and you're interested in joining our team them please drop us a line using and introduce yourself.
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