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Editor's picks

Too busy to trawl through and work out a plan? We've hand-picked some of our favourite activities and recipe ideas to get you going. If you can, put something from this selection in every day. This page is regularly updated, so you can leave the planning to us.

If you want a fully personalised plan, visit our Tailored plan page.

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5 minute Miracle Meditation

Our audio meditations can be done at your desk or anywhere else you can pop in some headphones and  close your eyes. Click the button and choose no. 6: to reduce stress & overwhelm.

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Movement: Reset challenge

Having a lull? Try this 28 day reset challenge and put the Spring back in your step. It's in a simple format that works flexibly around your fitness level, diary and mood.

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Mindful desk stretch 

This is a gentle 20 minute session designed to be done at your desk, using a chair. Suitable for pretty much anyone, it finishes with a simple meditation. Do it at lunchtime to help reverse the effect of desk sitting and improve your afternoon energy levels.


Lifestyle: Money worries?

Money worries can have a huge impact on your mental health - financial stress can lead to sleepless nights and anxiety. Read our blog to find out more and get links to some free resources.


Sleep 101: webinar catch up

Having trouble sleeping? Catch up on our sleep webinar hosted with Tracy Hannigan, a qualified sleep coach who talks you through some of the fundamentals in this helpful webinar.


Movement: Deskilates

If you have a desk-based job, take 15 minutes out of your day for this class. It'll help counter the effects of desk sitting and improve your mental fitness and posture. Suitable for all fitness levels. No equipment needed, just clothes that allow you to move freely. 

Quick and healthy food ideas

2/3 cup carrot sticks
1/4 cup hummus 
Just pop in an air tight container and take to work to get you through the 3pm slump.
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