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Meet Parveen Poonia

Parveen is a qualified mindfulness teacher with nearly 10 years experience delivering evidence-based programmes to help reduce stress and build resilience. She's also a qualified social worker with a management level role, which gives her invaluable insights into the challenges facing employees and organisations working within a complex, dynamic and fast paced environment.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a natural capacity, present in all of us to some extent. It involves paying purposeful attention to our experience of body sensations thoughts and feelings in the present moment, with particular attitudes like openness and curiosity. We are all too familiar with its opposite; a heedless, distracted state that's often described as 'autopilot'. This default inattentiveness and disengagement from present experience can mean we react to life out of habit or impulse rather than care and consideration.


In this fast and ever-changing world it is easy to become overwhelmed by the overload of information and competing external demands on our time. When we are overwhelmed and stressed it has an impact on our wellbeing and ability to focus & make wise choices.

When we spend more times alive to our experience we can develop an increased sense of balance to our lives, unlock our potential for learning and growing and are better able to respond creatively to life's challenges.

How can it help?

Mindfulness changes how we relate to pain, challenges, difficulties, worries and fears. We realise that we cannot always get rid of stress in our lives but we can become more resilient when stressful situations arise. The Mindfulness programmes Parveen delivers have been subjected to numerous trials and have been proven to help people:

  • Develop greater self awareness

  • Deal more effectively with stress

  • Change negative patterns of thinking and behaviour and develop a more positive outlook 

  • Chose how to respond to situations rather than react out of habit

  • Connect with an inner sense of calm/stability in pressurised situations

  • Enhance focus, concentration and clarity in day-to-day activities

  • Increase levels of resilience and emotional intelligence

  • Improve self esteem

  • Improve relationships with others

  • Find enjoyment and fulfilment in life

  • Regulate their own emotions

  • Adapt to changing circumstances

  • Improve their empathy skills

  • Be more creative problem solvers


Parveen has been teaching mindfulness for almost 10 years and has an MSc in Teaching Mindfulness from Bangor University, one of the leading centres for mindfulness research and practice.

She is a registered teacher on the UK listing of Mindfulness Teachers, run by the British Association of Mindfulness-based Approaches (BAMBA). 

She also holds a Diploma in Social Work, a Certification in Counselling and Certificate in Management.

About the programme

Sessions can be delivered 1:1 or by tailored group learning workshops and courses designed around the specific needs of the organisation or individual.


The programmes are based on MBSR (Mindfulness- based stress reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness- based cognitive therapy) for stress, a scientifically validated approach that leaves participants with:

  • reduced levels of anxiety

  • longer and better quality sleep

  • an improved immune system

  • a reduction in pain levels and enhanced ability to cope with chronic pain

  • improved confidence and self esteem

  • improved work performance

  • more satisfying relationships

Book a consultation or programme

If you're an employer looking for a group based learning workshop or course,

then please get in touch at


If you're an individual then you can book and pay for Parveen's services directly here but we'd recommend you book a free discovery call with her first to discuss your needs.


Please note that some later appointments can be made available if you cannot find a suitable time, please email us to arrange this.

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