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It's time to GetMeFit

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GetMeFit is led by Jane Hart (Personal Trainer and Marketeer) and George Northen (Exercise Junkie and Finance Director). 


We're long standing friends who met charity fundraising and discovered a shared obsession for finding creative ways to stay healthy and active around our busy lives.


We realised this personal mission was fast turning into a passion for helping others to do the same. With issues of stress and burnout at work at an all time high, we decided the best way to do this was to deliver an engaging digital wellbeing solution, direct to the workplace.  

Our approach

The 'all or nothing approach’ doesn’t work well with busy schedules. In fact in our experience, for most, it doesn’t work long term at all. We’ve learnt to ditch the ‘start again on a Monday’ attitude and focus on trying to make smaller healthier choices. No fad diets. No crazy exercise regimes. Just consistency and a focus on where we'll be next year, not next month.

We believe that every healthy choice counts, even if it’s the only one you make that week; small steps lead to big changes.

We're taking what we've learnt about how to make the most of the smallest window in your diary to make a healthier choice, and building a creative employee wellbeing platform around it. We want to help employers support their people to be the best they can be. For themselves, and for the company.

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Our vision

The wellbeing path is a lifelong journey, with lots of bumps along the way. What we need from one year to the next can change, and a successful wellbeing solution needs to work with that.


We're creating a simple, holistic wellbeing platform that companies of all sizes can afford to pay for, to enable all their busy employees to access the right advice & support, at the right time, in the right format for them. 

Our mission

We’re a Social Venture on a mission to help busy people find their own unique path to a healthier, happier life. And we want our instructors and wellbeing experts to be supported and paid fairly for their time and expertise.

We believe that being a good business, is good for business and it’s an integral part of our brand story.

Our brand values

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