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It's time to up your water game

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Being hydrated is incredibly important to maintaining overall health. Too often we forget to drink enough water and it doesn't take long for our bodies to take notice.

Here are some of the signs you're not getting enough water:

  • Constipation

  • Headaches

  • Fatigue

  • Weight gain

  • Dry eyes

  • More susceptible than usual to colds or flu

And if avoiding those symptoms isn't enough, here are 3 great reasons you should try and stay hydrated:

  1. Staying hydrated literally helps your body to function Every system in your body needs fluids in order to function properly. This includes your heart, muscles and brain. Water also helps transport nutrients to your cells.

  2. It's great for your skin If your skin ever feels dry or is looking dull, it maybe a sign that you're not getting enough water. Keeping hydrated can improve breakouts, reduce dryness and make your skin more vibrant and less prone to wrinkles.

  3. Water helps you body detoxify Drinking fluids throughout the day will help your body flush toxins and bacteria from your bladder and can help prevent instances of constipation.

Ok so we know that plain water can be boring. While drinking filtered water by itself is a great way to stay hydrated there are many ways you can improve your water game and make it more interesting.

Use some fresh fruit, vegetables or even herbs to infuse your water with flavour. You can also drink carbonated water or herbal tea instead.

Need inspiration? Try one of these for size...

Kiwi water

Just take 1/2 ripe kiwi and muddle it up in the bottom of a large glass, add filtered tap water and refrigerate until cold.

Strawberry basil water

Find a large glass and add 2-3 roughly chopped basil leaves, 1 sliced strawberry, 3-5 slices of cucumber and some ice (optional). Fill with filtered water and set aside for 5-10 minutes to brew.

Other great combinations to try are:

  • Grapefruit & rosemary

  • Lemon & lime

  • Cucumber & mint

  • Watermelon & basil

  • Raspberry & mint

  • Pineapple & coconut

  • Orange & blueberry

Aim to drink 2 litres of water a day, whether it be filtered from the tap, carbonated, infused or herbal tea (and more if you're exercising or it's hot).


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