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Keeping your motivation to move

You'll never regret a workout but sometimes it can be hard to keep up momentum (or even get started) when we lead busy lives. Here are some of our top tips to stay on track.

#1 Plan the week ahead

Work out what you can fit it for the week ahead and slot it into your diary - whether it's a live class, on demand session or walk in the fresh air if you commit the time, you're more likely to make it happen. If you take it day by day, there's a much higher chance that you'll talk yourself out of it or find something else to do with the time.

#2 Set realistic targets

If you've got a ridiculously busy week, just commit to 15 minutes a day and keep it simple. Put on your favourite tunes and dance, go for a brisk walk or check out the mirco classes in our on demand section - it all counts and you'll feel better at the end of it.

#3 Get a friend or colleague to join you

If you arrange to meet someone at the gym, for a walk or even on screen at a class, then you'll help keep each other accountable. If you're feeling particularly unmotivated (everyone does at some point) then this could be the difference between doing something and nothing in a week.

#4 Variety is your friend

Mix it up and keep it interesting. Cardio is great but strength work is key to burning calories and building muscle that will be protect you from injury and change your shape.

#5 Be kind to yourself

You need some patience and commitment to make a lifelong change. Find classes and activities you love and build up slowly. If you enjoy it, you'll stick with it.

Remember that everyone experiences ups and downs, however fit and healthy they are and the important thing is stay focussed on what you can manage to do, and not the things you can't.


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