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Me time!

Updated: May 18, 2023

Have you ever had a problem at work that has seemed unsolvable, and woken up to a bright idea to fix it? Or been thinking about something else entirely and a brilliant idea pops into your mind to resolve it?

When we stop focusing on the 'doing' and take some time out to think, or simply let our minds rest completely, we give ourself the space to come up with a creative solution for the issue we face.

We understand that busy people find it hard to carve out time for themselves without feeling guilty. But 'me time' is essential for a more balanced, healthy life.

It can positively affect how you feel about yourself and those around you, offer you a different perspective and even help you find clarity and peach of mind.

Which means it can improve relationships with colleagues, friends and family as well as help you destress and recharge.

You might know exactly what you need to do to rebalance, but if you don't ask yourself these questions:

  1. What was the last think I did that made me feel happy and healthy?

  2. What calms me?

  3. What do I wish I did more of?

  4. What helps me clear my head?

Here's some ideas to get you thinking if you're stuck:

  • Spend time in nature and take the time to appreciate the view

  • Catch up on your favourite TV show

  • Sit in a coffee shop and people watch

  • Do a puzzle

  • Meditate; we've got lots of on demand options to guide you

  • Cook yourself a fancy meal

  • Read a book (it also improves focus, memory, knowledge and vocabulary)

  • Exercise - yoga, pilates, HIIT or just a simple stretch, whatever takes your fancy

  • Run a bath (and for bonus points, add 5 drops of some essential oil to it)


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