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Reset challenge

Welcome to our 28 day reset wellbeing challenge!

The exercises repeat and it's really important you nail your technique, so we've included a demo of each exercise below so you can ensure your have perfect form. 

The demos also include different options for each exercise, so you can make it work for your body.

It's in a super simple 7 day format, with lots of options to keep it flexible: you can pick your level for each exercise, mix it up as much as you like and fit them in throughout your day or week as it suits you. 

How it works

Download the plan for each week from the bottom of this page. There's instructions included on each one.

We like to print ours and put them on the fridge, so we can tick off as we go. 

We recommend you watch the exercise demo's to ensure you've got the right technique nailed for your level. Don't forget to stretch before and after, just a few minutes will make a difference.

What you'll need

You will need:

  • Trainers

  • Water

  • Timer (e.g. your phone)

Optional additions:

  • Exercise mat

  • Dumbbells/med ball

  • Our Recipe page for some healthy breakfast ideas

Exercise demos

In these demo video's, Natasha will take you through teaching points for each exercise, as well as the alternatives and progressions you can make to adapt the exercises so they are right for you.

It's important to stretch before and after exercise to avoid injury, so we've also included a suggested warm up and cool down with Cat.

Jumping jacks
Cool down
Sit ups
Push ups
Warm up

The weekly challenge sheets

 This plan is flexible so do what works for you to fit it in.

You can do a longer session with multiple rounds to tick off a few days in one go,

or just complete daily (either in one hit or spread across your day).

Just aim to get all the exercises for the week done within that week,

even if you only hit the minimum number.

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